AZcontent: SOAP-based content management system  

SOAP-based content management

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    System Characteristics

AZcontent is a powerful content management system, allowing fast creation and management of content-rich webs.

Its SOAP-based connection with Google API, together with several automatic and manual filtering options provide unrivalled power in creating highly targeted and themed resource pages.

Now in its beta version, it is already providing valuable services to several clients.

If you are interested in using the AZcontent system and would like to know more product details and pricing, email us.


AZcontent is a portable system wich can be used over several platforms, even as a web service.

AZcontent can take profit of our SOAP centralized domain-sensitive filtering service. You can use the knowledge of all our clients.

AZcontent is an agent-based system. The more it is used, the more it knows the user. Get the best performance in less time.

AZcontent is multilingual. Increase your accessibility with no effort.

  Other AZcontent Services

Custom development of dynamic webs (Linux-php-MySQL)

Wide range of e-marketing consulting services

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